About Absolute Britney

Celebrate the outstanding career of the undisputed ‘Princess of Pop’ Miss Britney Spears in this unparalleled production starring Lucy Rose as Absolute Britney.

Like a comet lucy skyrocketed to a new level of tribute artist and in just 3 years her hard work and determination has led the show far and wide, wowing audiences of up to 20,000 people and gracing stages throughout the UK and around the world.

Lucy Rose is the definitive Britney spears Impersonator, mirroring everything from Britney’s iconic costumes to her timeless choreography. Lucy's ability to imitate the voice, style, mannerisms, and legendary dance moves is what sets Lucy apart from the rest. Not only does Lucy look like Britney but she sounds like her too and without a lip sync in sight!

Absolute Britney recreates Britney’s most iconic live performances. The Show will take you on a nostalgic journey performing Britney’s smash hit singles- like “Baby One More Time”, “Toxic”, “Crazy”, “Oops… I Did It Again”, “Circus”, “Womanizer”, "Work B*tch”, “Lucky” and Many More! Expect Costume reveals, high energy routines and plenty of girl power!

Britney Spears has had a career of over 30 years, she is credited with influencing the revival of teen pop, playing the soundtrack to our youth, and proves she still has ‘IT’ by continuing to release hit after hit to this very day. Britney is one of the most awarded singers on the planet and her iconic performances and costumes will go down in history!

Absolute Britney is a fully live-vocal and instrumental production featuring some of the industries finest musicians and dancers. The show is created, produced, and delivered with pride. This is more than a tribute show. This is your best night out! It will leave you breathless. Expect to keep on dancin’ Till The World Ends!

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